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12 Bright Ideas for Optimizing Your LinkedIn Company Page into an Asset

Posted by Loree O'Sullivan

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LinkedIn is a social media marketing powerhouse for many brands. With 107 million users in the US alone, it’s a top choice for B2B and “boring” brands to generate leads. 94% of B2B marketers currently use it to distribute custom content, making it the most popular social media network for connecting with business decision makers. 80% of B2B social leads are generated via this hub for professionals, and 80% of LinkedIn users are open to the idea of connecting with brands.

Completing and optimizing your LinkedIn company page can significantly increase your exposure and chances of being found. Optimization techniques aren’t just an effective way to increase your chances of appearing in search on the network, but they can also increase your page’s chances of ranking well on Google, Bing, and other major search engines. To help you transform your page into a marketing asset, we’ve compiled a list of expert insights into not just completing your company’s profile. In this blog, you’ll learn how to create a highly-visible LinkedIn company page that’s a magnet for qualified lead generation:

1. Complete Your Profile

No field on your LinkedIn company page should be unfilled! Write a keyword-rich, descriptive bio. Upload a banner image and your company logo. Include links to your company website and other social media profiles. Both LinkedIn’s algorithm and major search engines reward fully completed company profiles.

2. Set Up Showcase Pages

LinkedIn company page users are allowed to add up to 10 showcase pages, which are effective ways to spotlight your company’s service offerings and products.

Recent changes in LinkedIn’s company showcase pages has transformed the concept from a product overview to a series of robust product profiles which can gain their own followers. Technology brand Cisco has used their available showcase pages to create a series of “sub-communities” for subject matter experts:

3. Upload Showcase Logos and Banners

Every showcase page on your website should have a unique banner and a logo, though you may opt to keep your company logo consistent across your main page and showcase pages.

Consider adding text to your showcase banner, like Dell Services, to further educate your prospects within seconds of their arrival on your showcase pages.

4. Optimize Showcase Content

Your showcase pages should be every bit as well fleshed-out as your primary company page. Write a short, keyword-rich description, add links, and invest in attractive banner images. One brand with a brilliant showcase page is Nest, who has a showcase page for targeting professional representatives of their home energy brand:

5. Post Frequent Updates

How often should you post updates to your company page? Probably more frequently than you think. Buffer reports that best-of-class marketers update their pages 3-4 times daily.

Weekdays during business hours are the best times to post updates, according to Buffer’s research. Weekends, evening, and holiday updates are less likely to earn engagement.

6. Target Updates

LinkedIn is unique among social media networks in that you can target updates to reach viewers with a given job title, or with other forms of segmentation. This fact can be incredibly beneficial to companies with several well-defined buyer personas or who are launching a targeted inbound marketing campaign. Take advantage of LinkedIn’s capacity for targeting updates by viewer’s job title or industry to deliver the most relevant updates possible.

7. Increase Your Engagement

Optimize your brand updates to capture comments, shares and likes. LinkedIn’s algorithm rewards company pages with high engagement with increased exposure in followers’ feeds. LinkedIn Corporate Communications Director Yumi Wilson has the following recommendations for capturing the most engagement possible with your page updates:

  • Add an image to your page updates
  • Consistently update your page
  • Include links with your updates, which increase engagement
  • Post a variety of content and avoid hyper-targeting too narrow of segments
  • Optimize updated headlines
  • Rely on LinkedIn’s data to optimize post topics and timing

8. Use a Consistent Brand Voice

Your LinkedIn company page should feel like a natural extension of your brand’s other marketing assets, including your website and other social media profiles. Avoid using a brand voice or visual assets that are clearly different from other parts of your company’s web presence.

9. Measure Your Results

Over the past six months, LinkedIn has launched some improvements to the “analytics” tab of company pages which is visible to page managers. Commit to consistently using this tab to measure your updates, followers, and page views.  If you’re using a marketing tool like HubSpot, you can “close the loop” by tracking LinkedIn clicks that convert to lead on your website and ultimately become customers to better understand the updates and content that are driving sales.

10. Rotate and Hyperlink Your Banners

The banner image on your LinkedIn company page is one of the most important optimization components. It’s the first thing users see when they land on your page and the most visually-distracting element. An eye-poppingly gorgeous banner can be the difference between users that bounce off your page or prospects that engage with your content.

Update your image frequently and hyperlink the image to a relevant offer or landing page on your company’s website. HubSpot’s Erik Devaney recommends using this space to celebrate recent accomplishments, display your company culture, or showcase your products.

11. Include Videos

Adding a video to your company’s “careers” section can engage and inform visitors about your company’s culture, even if they’re not job-seekers. 55% of internet users engage with video content on a daily basis.  Google is just one example of forward-thinking brands who’ve taken the time to embed a YouTube video on their careers page:

12. Sponsor a Group

According to Wilson, pages and profiles that are actively engaged in groups have four times more views. Creating a group page for your prospects, clients, and other subject matter experts to engage can build your authority and views. Just a few of the brands who run LinkedIn groups include HubSpot, Citibank, and IBM.

Your LinkedIn page has the potential to become one of the most valuable players in your inbound marketing arsenal. By optimizing your content and updates for both your ideal customers and search engines, you can significantly increase your visibility and potential for lead generation.

Are you using LinkedIn company pages as a marketing tool? Why or why not? 

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