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7 "Boring" B2B Companies That Prove You Can Create Compelling Content

Posted by Loree O'Sullivan

It’s easy for B2B marketing managers to feel just a little jealous of their B2C counterparts. After all, many fashion, food, and consumer services brands have a bit easier time creating content. B2B brands in “boring” industries like industrial products, energy, and waste management may struggle to create content that effectively showcases the appeal of their products to business decision makers. Right?

86% of B2B content marketers are creating custom content. 70% are now creating more than they did a year ago, according to CMI. B2B decision makers rely on whitepapers, case studies, and tip sheets to complete their buyer’s journey. There’s a wealth of brilliant marketing managers who’ve figured out innovative ways to put a fresh, informative spin on custom content. In this blog, we’ll showcase 7 “boring” brands who create compelling content marketing as a cornerstone of their inbound marketing strategies.

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1. ExxonMobil: Be An Engineer

Micro-sites are a popular and sharp way for major B2B brands to reach deep into niche markets. ExxonMobil’s “Be An Engineer” is directed towards prospective and current college students, who may well represent the brand’s employees and customer force in the future.

This microsite offers a stream of high-quality, engaging content, including profiles of engineers and breaking news from the technology realm. Exxon even brilliantly incorporates high-quality curated content resources from publishers like Fast.Co, which further secures this microsite’s position as a valuable resource for their target audience.

2. Intuit

This major small business software provider is behind QuickBooks, and other major corporate finance solutions. The company manages to deliver some seriously compelling content around small business finance and strategy, by creating visually-rich content about the future of the workforce.

The interactive “Death of the Office?” infographic features interactive animations and tons of research, managing to both inform and entertain their ideal buyers on the future of remote work. As users scroll through this massive digital infographic, they’re treated to unfolding animations that surprise, entertain, and delight.


EPURON is a European clean energy brand who develops and operates a series of wind power farms in Germany and France. Clean energy has traditionally faced some very human obstacles, and EPURON isn’t the only energy company faced with the challenge of winning hearts in their target markets.

The award-winning “Mr. W” commercial is in German, but it showcases a very wacky, unlovable character who represents wind power, and runs around wreaking havoc. This commercial is nothing short of bizarre, but it’s definitely a fresh take on marketing energy:

4. FireRock

Think social media marketing on highly visual networks is exclusively for B2C brands? FireRock could be the company that causes you to reconsider. This B2B brand targets homebuilders with a series of pre-made masonry products, including stone fireplaces, slate roofing, and flooring.

FireRock’s Pinterest presence is robust, eye-poppingly gorgeous, and perfectly targeted to their ideal buyer. Viewers can explore a series of new home and home improvement-related pins, which feature some seriously appealing visual content:

5. HootSuite

Software is super boring, right? HootSuite, a provider of social media scheduling and analytics software, proves otherwise with their Game of Thrones-inspired video. The software brand re-made the opening credits of the hit HBO television show with plenty of social media twists, which is nothing short of hilarious to fans of the show.

6. Caterpillar: #BuiltforIt

Caterpillar is a major manufacturer of construction equipment and other heavy-duty products. However, their compelling content marketing manages to prove that these products don’t need to be dirty or boring, but can be “sleek, modern and innovative.”

Caterpillar’s recent video showcase campaign was marketed with the hashtag #BuiltForIt. The following product showcase video features five of Caterpillar’s industrial products playing a giant game of Jenga. Who knew that construction equipment could be so heart-poundingly heroic?

7. General Electric

It’s actually hard to develop a list of B2B brands that create legendarily compelling content without mentioning General Electric. Year after year, this manufacturer of complex technologies manages to lend a very human element to their products through brilliant social media posts, video content, and other assets.

One such example is the following video, which effectively educates B2B prospects at hospitals on how General Electric’s products can make a real difference for cancer patients:

When it comes to creating compelling content in the B2B space, the options are nearly limitless. EPURON, General Electric, Caterpillar, and HootSuite are just four of many examples of companies who use strange humor, human appeal, fresh data, and creative twists on pop culture to capture the attention of their ideal buyers.

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