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Switching to Inbound: Don't leave your traditional customers behind

Posted by David O'Sullivan

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In today’s world of fast-paced, tech-savvy consumers, it’s easy for brands to inadvertently neglect their more traditional customers. But this is a costly mistake to make - especially when marketing for those industries that are a little...well, less than exciting. While inbound marketing and online content are the way forward and are crucial to any business, traditional marketing continues to have its place among these not-so-glamorous brands.

To make the most of your marketing, it’s important to remember your traditional customers and to focus a great deal of effort on building brand loyalty. So how exactly do you continue to reach this traditional group while simultaneously staying relevant in the market place? It’s not as difficult as you may think. To start, take a look at the tips below.        

Do Your Research

Just as it is in digital marketing, research is a vital part of a traditional marketing campaign. This research should focus on creating a buyer persona for your current customers. Who are they? What are their preferred methods of contact? Are they likely to spend a lot of time on social media? Probably not. Learning what drives your current customers’ buying decisions and what problems they face is the first step toward success with the journey into inbound marketing.

Spruce Up Your Content

Content is king when it comes to social media, email, blogs, and website copy. But don’t make the mistake of thinking content is any less important in traditional marketing. Content can make or break your marketing campaign, whether you’re sending out direct mail or writing a blog post. Creating superb content keeps your existing customers interested in what you have to say. 

To make your content pop (and hold the attention of your intended audience), refrain from business jargon. In other words, write like you speak. Obviously, this doesn’t mean using slang or ignoring all grammar rules; rather, write in a way that allows your audience to easily relate to your message. As an added bonus, don’t shy away from a little wit or humor. Again, consider your audience. Only use humor that will resonate with a more traditional group.  

Be Helpful

One of the best ways to combat a snooze-fest when marketing for traditional and more boring industries is to be helpful. Whether you provide said helpfulness through a free information packet or through an interesting factoid included with a mailer, current customers will appreciate your willingness to address issues that are real to them in a way that is easily accessible.  Provide information that answers your traditional customers’ questions or solves their problems, and you’ll make life-long followers of your brand.   

Marketing for boring industries is not an easy task in our world of social media-driven consumers. But in all the hustle and bustle of technology, one of the biggest mistakes marketers of these industries can make is to leave their traditional customers behind. Follow the tips mentioned here, and you’ll successfully reach existing customers and build brand loyalty.  

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