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Five Questions you should ask when hiring an inbound marketing consultant

Posted by Loree O'Sullivan

So you've realized the profit you are missing out on by neglecting an inbound or content marketing solution. You've crossed that bridge and now you've come to the point where you must distinguish every so called "expert" from the next marketing firm that will build your content presence, win you new customers, and maintain your online social presence in a sustainable way. Here are some questions to help:

1. What Is Their Concrete End Deliverable?1426051927wpdm_pen_paper_hires

Nail down the specifics, how many blogs and social media post will they publish? How many new followers or visitors a week can they reasonably deliver?

2. What Time Frame Can You Expect Results?

This a great way to gauge what to expect while at the same time sifting through scammers. Two months is an average time frame for content marketing to show results; however, depending on a niche and techniques applied, one can see results as soon as one month, and sometimes it can take 6 months to a year for a content presence to thrive. 

3. Ask For Previous Examples:

A good company has experience, they have proven themselves before to other high-ticket clients. Merely asking for a list of previous and current clients and requesting their feedback for the inbound marketing agency will give you a great insight into a companies reliability, character, and the quality of the final deliverable. 

4. What Techniques Do They Offer and Are They White-hat?

The spectrum of inbound marketing is broad but it comes down to three things: a search engine optimized blog, a strong social media presence, and a strategy to better attract customers. Can they provide these ethically? 

5. How Can You Better Suit My Specific Niche?

Formula SEO and inbound marketing solutions look just like that, something generated out of a box. While this better suits the inbound marketing agency by cutting down on cost, it greatly under-delivers should the niche stray from the situation the model was created to represent. A technical niche might have a lot of highly authoritative white papers and an art studio would be wise to have a strong instagram presence, switching the solutions would create humorously disastrous results.

With these questions, you can help sift through the upstarts and the industry champions. To see our rates for our award winning inbound marketing services or ask a question about why our methods are superior, contact us today!

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