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How to create an online presence for your start up company

Posted by Bhav Seera

When starting a new company in 2016, it isn’t enough just to open a shop for your business to succeed. Most new companies will take the initiative to open up a website too. Today's world is dominated by all sorts of technology as internet and mobile access grow worldwide. For consumers, technology as a given. We've all become used tospeeed and convenience in transactions, such as one-click payments, PayPal, and more. Consider it a necessity for your company to invest in building a online presence.


pie chart source: Independent

Research states that 10% of British customers do all their shopping in store, and 90% dabble in online shopping. These figures not only illustrate that the e-commerce scene is really booming. They also show that it would be wise to invest into building an online name for yourself and your business. 

The possibilities are endless with what you can achieve online, particularly with smart business goals. If you are a start up bicycle company, with a small shop already open and you want to explore the opportunities online, you could specifically target your online operations locally. This would allow customers in your community to be aware of what you are, what you do and where you are. If you are a startup training course provider that wants to go worldwide and reach into as many markets as you can, that is best achieved by having an online presence.

How do we do that?

Now that we have established a little about the benefits of an online presence, we'll share some smart methods for building a presence online:

  1. Your own website

Having your own website is similar to opening a shop. This website must be visually pleasing to the viewer with basic features such as call to action features to increase lead conversions. Your site information must be easily accessed and it must be viewable on both mobile and desktop. Blogging platforms like WordPress are available for you to easily create your own website with a minimum of tech skills. Your website should be a hub for your online presence. We recommend investing sufficient time and effort to ensure it represents your business accurately.

  1. SEO

After you've built a website, the next step is to increase your online visibility. This can be accomplished with paid advertising or through organic SEO. Think of SEO as a long-term strategyto positively impact search results. When your customers are searching online for keywords that relate to your business, you will have a higher chance of appearing on page one of results.

SEO is complex and can be technical at times, a full guide can be found here.

  1. Social networking

74% of online adults use social networking sites.There is massive opportunity to reach a diverse group of consumers from different geographic areas, professions, and with varied interests. The most common social media platforms currently include Twitter, Facebook, Linked In, Instagram and Pinterest. These networks are a very good tool to maintain current customer relations, publicize news about your latest products or services In additional, social media marketing can be incredibly useful for reaching potential customers. 

Having a solid social media plan is necessary to gain notice. In most cases, social media should be used in order to aid your \websites. The primary goal ofyour social media presence should be to lead people to your website in order to generate leads, and eventually, new customers.. By organically earning shares on your social media content, you can earn exposure to new customers, conversions, and increase your ROI.


The process of building an online presence cannot occur overnight. Commit to the long term process of building relations, trust, and a positive reputation. If done correctly, it will help bring attention to your organization and it serves as a readily available information outlet that will tell people about your company. Social media networks acts as a perfect tool to use to interact with your customers and can be used to pump out the latest news that relates to your company.

In today's world you need to be online to be successful because you are always competing for attention.

Attention is a Currency We earn it, we spend it, and sometimes we lose it. Now is the time to invest in digital experiences that matter.


Bhav Seera has been working with London Management Centre since October 2015 and is a young aspiring digital marketer who is still eager to master the field. London Management Centre offers corporate training courses in London and Dubai in many areas, specialising in soft skills such as leadership, management, HR, PR, etc.

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