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How to create content for boring industries

Posted by David O'Sullivan

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As a content creator, the odds are stacked against you. Why? A study has confirmed your worst fears; the majority of readers only make it through 60% of that article you spent hours on before they move on to something they hope will be more interesting.

It would be easy to blame your readers for being easily distracted, but first take a long look in the mirror and realize that it is your job to make any topic you write about readable and thought-provoking.

You could also blame the topic though that too would be a cop-out. While marketing for boring industries may not be as enjoyable as writing about celebrity gossip or how to bake Grandma's famous German chocolate cake, it is up to you to find a way to grab your reader's attention and keep it focused on your writing until the end of your article.

Remember to focus on the big picture of making your content as readable as possible so your subscribers will happily make it to the end. 
Ask yourself these 5 essential questions for each piece of content your try and write:


Will this content be helpful? 
People love useful content. In fact, the majority of your readers clicked on the link to read your piece because they want the information that you have worked hard to provide. The knowledge that you are being helpful is often inspiration enough to get your creative juices flowing.

Is your article readable? 

Find your true voice. Make your content engaging by dropping the business speak and by providing them useful information in language that won't lull them to sleep. Throw in a little humor and wit when appropriate to prevent droopy eyes and yawning readers.How to create content for boring industries

Are you addressing the audience's concerns? 
Marketing for boring industries is easier when you realize that the word "boring" really means "confusing." Put yourself in your reader's shoes while writing your piece. You are helping the reader with specific concerns. Anticipate questions and issues they have in your unique voice and you will have very happy readers.

Is the content too wordy?
Say what you need in the fewest words possible. If your reader has to slog through an extra four paragraphs to get the information they need you can almost guarantee that they will not finish reading it. This is especially important since more and more people are reading content from their smartphones. If it's hard to read on a mobile device they will skip over your piece.

Are you overwhelming your audience? 
​Everything you write should be broken up into smaller sections in easy to read language. Use bold titles, bullet lists, and images to break up your content into more digestible chunks.

Marketing for boring industries does not have to be dull especially when you are being helpful with accurate information in an engaging way that keeps the reader's interest. Have more empathy with your audience, realize that you are being helpful, and write in your own unique voice. Follow these tips and your readers will see you as an authority on any topic, no matter how boring you think it is.


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