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How to run an inbound marketing campaign - and what tools you should be using

Posted by Loree O'Sullivan

Marketing campaigns can be expensive, time consuming and complex, but they are extremely important to the success of your business. Inherently, all marketing campaigns have the same problem; a disconnect between the different components of the campaign, which makes it very difficult to measure results and determine which components of the campaign are working and which are not working. As a result, the components that do not work are continued, resulting in a waste of time and resources, as well as, a negative impact on the overall results for the entire campaign. 


Inbound marketing campaigns can be a solution for any business organization. They involve a comprehensive “big picture” approach that covers every aspect of online marketing for your business. Because it is a “big picture” approach planning and implementing inbound marketing campaigns can be overwhelming for an in house team that has never done this before. It is beneficial to have a marketing partner (outside firm) that focuses on inbound marketing as a specialty. Having an outside marketing firm assist you with inbound marketing can save substantial amounts of time and resources that can be used elsewhere in your business. Also, the use of outside marketing help can provide a better return on investment for your marketing dollars while generating the results needed to enhance revenue and grow your business. 

Inbound marketing focuses on attracting potential new customers and nurturing them until they become actual paying customers. Potential customers seldom buy on their first visit. They need to find something of value (needed information) in the form of targeted content so they have a reason (additional valuable information) to make return visits and eventually become regular customers. This nurturing process is both a science and an art, which is another reason to seek assistance with your inbound marketing campaigns from an outside specialist. 

Tools used for inbound marketing include: Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc); customized blogs; article marking; video marketing (You Tube); search engine optimization (SEO); e-mail marketing; newsletters and any other online resource that can be used to attract and nurture potential customers. 

Get the job done right the first time. Let our highly trained specialized staff provide inbound marketing services for your business. You will save substantial amounts of time and resources and get better bottom line results much faster.  

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