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Inbound won’t work for my industry

Posted by Loree McDonald

Every business owner tries to find marketing strategies that keep customers coming in. And even though inbound marketing seems to be all the rage these days, many business owners think it simply won't work for their industry. 

Why Inbound Marketing for Boring Industries Works 

The truth is, inbound marketing can work in every industry. From construction equipment supply companies to soap manufacturers, you can use inbound marketing tactics that will increase your customer base, and therefore profits. 

Inbound marketing has exploded in recent years due to one thing and one thing only – the internet. No matter what industry you are in, people are searching for your product or service on the internet. So, if you aren't using these tools to reach those people, you are losing customers everyday. 

How to Use Inbound Marketing Effectively

Throwing together a website and putting your information on it is not enough to reach and connect with potential customers. If you want customers to find you, it's important to develop a strategy that will create a powerful online presence for your business. 

Here's how to use inbound marketing for boring industries: 

Create quality content

I know what you're thinking...”who wants to read about my boring business?” The answer to that is simple, your customers and prospects do. 

Publishing interesting and relevant articles and blog posts on your website on a regular basis will not only keep your subscribers engaged, but it will get you noticed by search engines. Publish content with interviews from experts in your field for example, or changes within your industry, or the top questions your sales reps get asked regularly. INBOUND WON’T WORK FOR MY INDUSTRY

These articles will get the attention of potential customers, help gain the trust of your clients and will get you recognized as an authority figure and thought leader in your industry. Try for at least three posts every week. 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

No inbound marketing strategy is complete without implementing some amount of SEO. 

While this realm of marketing can admittedly get fairly complicated pretty quick, there are simple things you can do that will get your business listed in search engines. For starters, the new algorithms used by search engines look for quality and informative content...and a lot of it. 

When creating content, make sure to include long tail keywords that people might use to search for your business. Use different variations, but do not overload your content with them. This will make you look like spam to search engines and you will be demoted in rank. 

Other SEO tools include: 

  • Listing your business in online directories 
  • Building quality links 
  • Guest post on other websites 
  • Encourage customers to write online reviews 

Use Social Media

Sign your business up for every social media platform available including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn. 

Most of these platforms have a specific business page you can create in order to market your service or product. Build relationships with other people in your industry and make it tempting for customers to follow you by offering incentives for engagement of your page. 

Most importantly, regularly share relevant posts on each platform and always let people know when you publish a new article on your website. 

Inbound Marketing for Boring Industries 

Even if you think your industry is boring, the chances are your customers do not. Peak their interest and earn their trust by building an online presence that they can count on to get the information they're looking for. 


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