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Repurposing content for email campaigns

Posted by Loree O'Sullivan

Content is what attracts visitors and buyers, but it can be a tough deal for busy entrepreneurs to constantly be creating new content. Plus, there is a right way and wrong way to re-purpose content - and the wrong way will get you penalized by the Google for SEO. After all the hard work of creating content, wouldn’t it be nice if you could safely get it to pull double-duty? The key to that is to set up an email campaign so that you can privately send out duplicate content that you’ve created without instilling the wrath of the Google gods. 


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An email campaign can drive sales and increase conversions. However for business owners, it can be even more work to write up catchy emails that inspire people to click those links to buy. However, if you already have good content on your site, the job may already be done. Consider the following ways to re-purpose your online content in your next email campaign:

Use your content for downloadable Ebooks 

If you promote ebooks for which you own the copyright, there’s no reason you can’t reuse that content in your email campaign. It can even be used as teaser content to give people an idea of what is in the total package. However, you can split up and mix and match chapters from any ebooks you buy as a way to reduce your work demands for creating new content. You can even just publish one chapter a week as a nice way to thank people for signing up for your email list.

Pull Segments from Videotaped Seminars and Classes 

If you give classes or seminars as part of your business, consider chopping segments out and embedding them in your emails as links. These can be introductory, educational, or simply entertaining snippets of who you are and what your business does.

Quote Yourself

Like some part of a blog or article you wrote? Rehash it again from a new perspective in your email message. You will be able to get those email messages out much faster if you have a theme in mind and content already written for it.


When considering how to reuse written content, always remember not to duplicate content outside of emails to avoid an accusation of plagiarism. But the goal of your email campaigns and your online content strategy should always be to produce and use content in the ways that are most beneficial to your target audience. 

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