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SEO: What not to do

Posted by Loree O'Sullivan

Search engine results can make or break the success of your business. With the right local business SEO tactics, you can drive a massive number of people to your site, and then convert them into loyal customers. 

With the impressive benefits offered by effective local business SEO, it's not surprising that business owners will try nearly anything to get ranked higher in search results. However, using incorrect or questionable SEO strategies could have disastrous effects. 

Here's a list of what NOT to do when optimizing your site: 

1. Stuff Keywords

Long gone are the days when you would get highly ranked for stuffing as many keywords on your site as possible. While using keywords is still effective for increasing your SERP rankings, use too many and you will be penalized. 

Keywords should be always be relevant to the content, and kept to a minimum to avoid looking like spam to web crawlers. 

2. Publish Low Quality Content

Publishing low quality content on your site is possibly the worst thing you can do when using local buisness SEO tactics.  Every time you post useless, irrelevant, or copied content, the search engines will index that page. The web crawlers will quickly notice your indexed pages aren't up to snuff and drop you from the results. 

Creating fresh and high-quality content is highly effective if your goal is to get noticed by the search engines. Frequently publish interesting content that is related your business (directly or indirectly), and posts that are easy on the eyes. Then, lightly sprinkle important keywords throughout it if you want to get noticed in search results. 

SEO: What not to do.
3. Pay for Links

You should never, ever, under any circumstances, pay for links. The algorithms used by search engines can detect when links are not natural and your rankings will take a hard hit. 

It might seem tempting to sidestep the time and work it takes to build valuable backlinks. However, it is well worth the effort considering the consequences you might face if you are penalized. If your site is caught using shady SEO tactics, it might be impossible to rebuild your reputation among search engines.  

4. Use Low-Quality Inbound Links

Any hyperlink to your site that is placed on an external site creates an inbound link. Many experts will argue that inbound links are still the most essential part of SEO. But, before you start sending your link to just anybody, remember that search engines will lower your rankings for using low-quality inbound links. 

Search engines filter out spam sites from search results by verifying the correct use of both inbound and outbound links. When you use these local business SEO tools properly, web crawlers will rank you as an authority for your link building skills. 

5. Use Meta Keyword Tags 

Meta keyword tags are found in the header of a website's HTML code. Coming up with a clever mix of words for them used to be search engine gold. But, things have changed. 

Meta keyword tags don't hold the punch they used to. Not only do the search engines ignore them, they could actually hurt your rankings when other webmaster's use them to steal your traffic. Simply put, don't waste your time. 

With an ever-changing SEO landscape, it might seem hard to keep up on the latest rules and algorithms. But staying ahead of the game is what gets you into top position. With a little patience, a lot of hard work, and calculated local business SEO efforts, it's only a matter of time before your business reaches number one. 



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