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Whether you want to convert more calls into appointments, manage leads effectively, or simply become more organized, there are new and exciting tools you can use to improve your performance as a salesperson. 

1. Rapportive

A free add-on from Gmail, Rapportive makes it easy to connect with leads by providing essential contact information directly from your inbox. 

Using this Gmail freebie, you can see a contact's picture, location, job title, and links to their social media profiles without even leaving your inbox.

Easily track the context of your sales leads by knowing who you are communicating with and what they are interested in. 

2. Sidekick

Hubspot offers Sidekick for free through an extension on Google Chrome.

This tool will give you great insight into the behavior your leads by notifying you when they open your email or clicked on one of your links. Being privy to this kind of information will allow you to strike when the iron is hot, so to speak. 

By using Sidekick, you will know exactly when to contact leads and will feel confident knowing that your name is fresh in their mind. The best sales tools

3. Contactually

Knowing how to build and maintain relationships is important for anybody in a sales role. Contactually makes this constant effort a breeze by reminding you who you need to follow up with and when. 

After providing your information, you will receive an email everyday with a list of ten contacts you should reach out. '

Contactually takes the guess work out of managing leads and eliminates the possibility of forgetting to send an important follow-up. 

4. Boomerang

Sending emails out at the right time can make or break your success as a salesperson.

But even if you know exactly when to send one, you might be busy with other responsibilities. Boomerang offers a solution to this common sales problem. 

Free and easy-to-use, Boomerang allows you to schedule emails to be sent at a specific time of your choosing. The email templates, HTML editor and personalized content also helps you to save time and impress prospects. 

5. Social Networks

So, you probably already use a variety of social networks. But you might not be using them to their fullest potential. 

LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, and Facebook, for example, can all help you find new prospects. Join groups that are related to your industry, post helpful information and build relationships with people who are likely to be interested in your service or product.

You can also use the advanced search options to easily find companies that fit yout targeted demographics. 

6. SalesLoft Prospector 

A Google Chrome extension, SalesLoft Prospector allows you to build a list of leads from your LinkedIn searches.

Not only does SalesLoft help you stay organized, it lets you build the momentum you need to be successful in sales. 

7. Docurated

Do you want to increase productivity by creating presentation quickly and easily? 

Check out Docurated, a tool that lets you customize presentations by sorting through a company's existing content, selecting the information you need and then exporting it to PowerPoint.

This tool saves time and creates incredibly effective presentations, helping you to close the deal every time. 

8. TinderBox

Speaking of closing deals, TinderBox is a tool that makes the closing process much simpler by generating contracts, tracking engagement, and enabling electronic signatures. 

TinderBox also includes billing information and automatically updates your CRM. Close every deal with comfort and ease while earning the respect of every new customer. 



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