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Tool-Free Time Management Hacks for Inbound Marketing Pros

Posted by Loree O'Sullivan


Time management is a subject that almost everyone is familiar with. From the newest marketer to expert inbound marketing consultants in Tulsa, we've all tried to implement techniques and tools to maximize ourf efficiency. And let's face it - marketers need time management more than almost anyone else.

We're living in a world where almost everything demands our attention and distracts us. Marketers can spend hours each day researching and using social media. As a result, it's not a bad thing if we need a little help getting the most out of our time. Here are some tried-and-true time management tactics -- no inbound marketing tools required!

1. Work in Bursts

Working in 20 minute intervals is a powerful way to go about your work. Dependent on your particular work situation, doing this can help you accomplish a lot more than you already do. The object is to work in 20 minute chunks of time followed by a 5-20 minute break, then resuming your work and repeating.

A timer will help, so go about getting one on either your phone or your computer, set it, and prepare yourself for the task at hand. When the time is over, disengage until your 20 minute break is over, then rinse and repeat. Also, during your work bursts, keep your distractions to a minimum.

2. Kill Distractions

Most of the things that divide our attention are ultimately under your control. Silence your phone, don't check your email and quit the intermittent internet surfing. Facebook will be there after you're done, we promise. And speaking of email, try to minimize that if at all possible. Have two times during your day that you check your inbox and stick to that; once in the morning and once in the evening are enough to keep you in check. Notify all important parties of your email times and stick to it.

3. Know Your Weaknesses

It’s also good to be conscious of what activities eat up your time, even when it’s not your working hours. People who surf the internet, watch television or do a lot of gaming should note how much time these leisure activities take up and assess how much value they actually add to your day to day.

4. Control Your Environment

Your environment dictates a lot of your productivity as well. Set it up to work in your favor. Keep the clutter at a minimum and do as much as you can to set yourself away from others so that they don't throw you off task. This will obviously be harder for those working in a busy office, but anyone working from home will benefit.

5. Plan your day out

Diving into your day aimlessly does no one any good, and certainly doesn't affect your productivity well. Prioritize what you’re going to do before you start your day. Make a task list and try to stick to it as best possible. Start with your hardest and most important tasks and work your way down to the easiest and least important ones. As you wind through your day, it will make working easier and this kind of slope will it less stressful.

6. Try not to multitask

Dividing your attention will work against you. If you’re juggling multiple things at once, it will be harder to regain focus by going from one thing to another. Keep it simple, and keep to one item until you’ve finished then move onto the next. Also, maximize your downtime. Got a spare few minutes waiting to get your oil changed? Go ahead and start on that to do list for tomorrow. Your plane just got delayed by another hour? Bang out that blog post for next week that you’ve been procrastinating on.

Remember that your brainpower and your time are resources, perhaps the most precious resources we have. Employ these methods and you won’t waste either. In fact, you’ll be making a lot more of your day than you ever have before.

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