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Using Guest Blogging to Improve Your Website's Organic Search Ranking

Posted by Loree O'Sullivan

Guest blogging is a strategy of appearing on other blogs that are in the same niche  

In the inbound / content marketing world - content is sometimes hard to create. You either have to make time to write, delegate this writing to someone else, or pay an agency to write the blog posts for you. Many companies are open to hiring guest bloggers to appear on their site and to create content that can be used to boost their organic search results.  

So - what's in it for you? 

Well part of the guest blogging communuty should allow promotion of your own content - or at least link back to your main site. Especially if you're guest blogging on a topic that you're passionate about - and you're doing this for free. 

Blogging to gain referral linksGuest blogging is a great tool and can benefit nearly anyone, but only if done in moderation, under close monitoring, and with quality, original content. Guest blogging can be very helpful to your site. Good guest blogging gives your site more quality links, something that can greatly boost your SEO and land your page higher rankings on search engines. 

On the other side of things - enlisting the help of valuable guest bloggers can help you build a larger mass of quality content. By having this content on a variety of sites, you are boosting your exposure and increasing how many people your content is available to. Another positive aspect to guest blogging is the potential for building relationships with other online users and editors. Putting your name and URL out in many places is a great way to increase traffic, but only if you are putting it next to relevant, quality work. Integrating yourself in the online community can have a major effect on your site. 

Our advice? If you're a writer, are passionate about a set of topics, or want to gain more traction for your website - then reach out to your industry niche and try to create some guest blogging opportunties! Always have a way to link back to your own website - and use these referral links as a way to boost your rankings! 

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