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Switching to Inbound: What does success look like for you?

Posted by David O'Sullivan

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If you are new to utilizing modern forms of marketing, you may need some assistance determining how to measure success. After all, marketing for more traditional and boring industries that have always relied upon old school methods to communicate with consumers takes an open mind and a way to measure results. You will need to develop appropriate strategies for your industry and ways to measure the success of your new campaigns.

Most businesses in this position already have some strategies in place for measuring success of television, radio and print advertising in local publications. If so, you should continue to keep track of those. If not, have someone assist you in doing so. Simple strategies such as coupons, codes or simply asking how consumers heard about your company are all potentially quite effective.

However, you will need to implement different strategies when updating your current marketing to compete in the digital world. First of all, you will need to determine what types of marketing you wish to implement. For instance, are you going to use social media to promote your site or are you planning to focus on email campaigns? Generally, it is recommended to incorporate more than one in order to maximize your efforts.

You can loosely define success as an increase in business interest that eventually converts to more sales. However, you need tangible methods for measuring how much new business is a result of these efforts. In the beginning, it is best to set the bar for success low. There is a learning curve for those in industries that are somewhat niche or less than glamours to create content for. As you establish yourself, and the company, you can adjust those expectations accordingly.

With each marketing campaign that you set up, you can also determine ways to record effectiveness levels. Multiple analytic tools are available, quite often for free, that can be used to track visitors and conversion levels. Each type of marketing strategy offers tools that your web development team can suggest.

Additionally, you can set up promotions where consumers enter a code found on a social media site or in an email that will provide them a discount or entry into a contest. You can track these in order to see which types prove most fruitful in your marketing endeavors.

As you gain experience with the methods, tools and trackers, you can raise your expectations from your campaigns. With practice, you will learn which keywords and techniques are most effective with your target consumer. Focus on those and broaden your reach in order to reach the next level of marketing success.

It is vital that you do not set your expectations too high in the beginning. This is particularly true if you have no experience with digital marketing techniques. However, one way that you can create better success is to hire experts in the field for assistance. It will pay off by netting you results more quickly.

Marketing for boring industries requires creative skill and patience. Remain patient, use experts and track results. Over time, you will discover what many others have already figured out: the Internet is an invaluable tool for reaching out to new and existing consumers.

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