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What makes a good blog post?

Posted by David O'Sullivan

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If you are new to the world of online marketing, writing a good blog post might seem more than just a little intimidating. You know that blogging gets people’s attention and drives traffic to a site, but where do you start? Creating a fantastic blog post is not as hard as you might think, and you don’t even have to be a marketing expert or a seasoned writer to do it. Here’s a step by step list to get you started.

1. Start With a Catchy Headline
If you want your post to be read, you’ll need to start off by writing a headline that gets noticed. If your headline isn’t attractive, your post probably won’t be read. No pressure, right? A good headline has the following attributes:

  • It lets your audience know what they’ll be getting. If you are offering valuable information, let that be known! If you are offering tips, use words like “hacks,” or “secrets” as attention grabbers. Use numbers if you’re providing a list. An example would be: “8 Top Summer Hairstyles.”
  • It speaks to your audience. People naturally respond to content that’s directed to them. Use “you” and “your” in the headline, not “my” or “our.”
  • Keep it short and sweet. Enough said. 

2. Create Compelling Content
You’ll hear this phrase a lot if you read up on online marketing. That’s because writing content that’s important to your consumers is vital. A blog post shouldn’t just be a sales pitch. It needs to provide relevant information to the reader. Decide who your audience is going to be. If you are writing for a pet store, you’ll have more success with a post that includes pet-care tips than one that talks about your offerings or business hours.

3.  Break it up With Bullets and Subheadings
If you don’t your post will appear long and intimidating. Use tools like bullets, numbers and subheadings and keep your paragraphs short.

  • People
  • Really do
  • Love Bullet points

4. Add Visual Content
Once you’ve got your reader’s attention, you need to keep it. You can do this by adding content like photos, infographics and videos. A simple design that incorporates a picture or two will really make your post “pop.”

5. Draw People to You with SEO
SEO is “Search Engine Optimization.” What you are doing here is adding things like long tail keywords in your post so that they rank higher in search engine results based on what people would search for. This needs to be done with care. Overuse of keywords is obvious and can comes across as tacky, and is something Google doesn’t like you doing. It’s a good idea to choose your keywords wisely and tie them in to your topic. A little bit of strategy goes a long way with SEO.

6. Don’t Forget Your Call to Action
The whole point of writing a blog post is to get your potential consumer’s attention. A good blog includes some kind of call to action, like subscribing to your blog, downloading an eBook or booking a consultation.

7. End it with a Closing Paragraph
Give your blog post some closure by rounding it out with a brief paragraph at the end. This will let you tie up loose ends and provide any last minute information. This is also the perfect place to reenforce your call to action. Just like your other paragraphs, your closing should be brief and to the point. 
Once you’ve put your post together, ask someone to proofread it for you to check for obvious errors. The grammar and style don’t have to be perfect, as long as the information is useful and entertaining. You don’t have to be an award-winning author to write a great blog post. Once you’re ready, share your post with the world! 

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