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When to use Facebook Ads in marketing

Posted by Loree O'Sullivan

There is no doubt at all that Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms with more than one billion users worldwide. Imagine being in a position to reach one billion users within a fraction of a second. When Facebook Ads in marketing are utilized well there are numerous benefits that the business will be able to enjoy. When to use Facebook Ads in marketing depends on whether you have the right strategies in place. You should use Facebook ads in marketing if you want to do the following:


It is also referred as re-marketing. When users visit other online sites there is a cookie that is created on the computer with the website data. Facebook will read the cookies and use the information in placing ads from websites that the user visited that day. Keeping product engagement after the user has left is a good offer for you. This is the reason why you will see add for the products that you searched recently. You can target people who are connected to your Facebook page or those connected to another page. This strategy is available if you want to use Facebook Ads in marketing. when to use facebook marketing

Engaging in Audience

Most users on Facebook share everything concerning themselves on their profile. This is the easiest way for users to inform their friends what is happening in their lives. If they are happy, sad, the place they are going or sitting in the bedroom. Real time data is valuable to the marketers and it is used by Facebook in directing the right algorithm. Aside from that Facebook has so many variables for the marketer to target this includes income, age and location.

If you want to promote a product

The word of mouth is considered as the best form of advertising. When customers are going to hear good things from friends they will try to use the product.  If the user clicks the button on the product page, the action will be shared with friends. Instead of the user informing their friends that they like something they will inform a large group of networks. If you have a Facebook account look at how many friends you have this is the number of people who are going to see the product.

When to use Facebook Ads in marketing should not be undervalued. Facebook keeps on changing the way businesses advertise their products to avoid putting poor quality ads in the public. They put add in front of people who are searching for services that a certain business provides. Facebook focuses it advertising strategy around member data; this allows advertisers to target a certain audience. Facebook provide advertisers with ability of reaching the right audience. If you are confused about when to use Facebook Ads in marketing, it is important that you look for an expert who is experienced enough in this area. Reading information online about Facebook ads is also important because it will help you make the right decision.


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