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Why testimonials and reviews matter for small and local business

Posted by David O'Sullivan

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Successfully marketing your business is perhaps the most effective way to expand your company. But, many business owners struggle to find marketing tactics that actually work and bring in new customers. 

Marketing your business doesn't have to be complicated or expensive. One of the easiest and most effective marketing tools is collecting reviews and testimonials from past and present clients. 

Why Reviews Are Important 

According to Nielson's Global Trust in Advertising survey, 70 percent of consumers look for and trust the reviews they read from strangers. And in this age of digital marketing, posting and finding reviews has become easier than ever. 

With nearly everybody searching online for reviews, it's important to make sure your business is included in the mix. Listing reviews on popular platforms such as Facebook, Yelp!, and Google Places will allow you to easily reach customers and greatly improve your local business SEO. WHY TESTIMONIALS AND REVIEWS MATTER FOR SMALL AND LOCAL BUSINESS

Online reviews will get you recognized by search engines because they know that's what customers are looking for. These local business SEO efforts will be rewarded by your business appearing frequently in local search results. 

How to Collect Reviews and Testimonials 

The number of customers you have will determine how to successfully collect reviews. If you have a large company with a lot of clients, you can use a survey app like WuFoo to design and collect a large among of reviews. 

If you are smaller company with a select group of loyal customers, the best strategy for collecting reviews is to reach out to them personally. Ask your customers to write a review or testimonial for your services, then you can post them wherever you deem appropriate. 

Ask the Right Questions 

When collecting reviews, it's important to ask questions that will get relevant and detailed responses from customers.

Ask questions like: 

  • What benefits did our company offer you? 
  • Were you satisfied with the results? Why or why not? 
  • What surprised you about working with us? 
  • Would you recommend our services/products? If so, why? 

If you get some negative responses, which you probably will, use the information to change and make your business even better. 

Here's some important things to remember: 

Ask at the right time: Try collecting reviews and testimonials right after the job is complete. If a customer is pleased with your services or products, most will be happy to provide you with a glowing review. 

Be polite, not pushy: How you approach your clients is extremely important when collecting reviews. Make sure you customers do not feel pressured into leaving a review and that they feel comfortable being open and honest. 

Always show your appreciation: When a customer goes out of their way to offer you positive feedback, return the favor by sending them a simple thank you card. 

Marketing Your Reviews

Once you have collected your reviews, it's important to market them effectively. Publish the answers you receive from customers on your company's website, Facebook, Yelp!, and any other platform you can find.  

However, you should avoid posting a lot of reviews at once. The search engines might recognize this as spam and block you from search results. 

Collecting reviews and testimonials is an essential part of local business SEO and expansion for any company. However, it's not a sprint, but a marathon. For maximum results, put in steady effort over a long period of time. 


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