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Learn how to segment your leads into buyer personas, lifecycle stages, and set up lead scoring. In just 30 days (or 30 steps!) you can turn your over-cluttered contacts database into a clean, effective, lead generation machine! 

This ebook is designed to help organizations break their lead and contacts strategy into bite- sized chunks, and to help learn the best practices in lead segmentaion. Although this is framed as a process that can be done in 30 days, some steps may take longer to complete - while others can be accomplished quickly.

Please feel free to use this as a guide, and not a rulebook. All contact databases are unique and come with their own specific challenges. Should you find that the steps outlined here are difficult to adapt to your own markeing, please feel free to reach out to us directly! We’d be happy to set up a call to review your hurdles and offer some free advice.

Although not required for most steps, we have based our methodology around HubSpot’s tools for lists, contact properties, and workflows - as well as it’s methodology for buyer personas and lifecycle stages. If you aren’t using HubSpot, some of the steps might not be as easy to follow - but if you would like to talk about the benefits of using HubSpot for your organizaion, please let us know!

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